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Self Powered Wireless Switches and Sensors for Lighting Control & Energy Management

No Wires! No Batteries! No Maintenance!


Introduction to the world's first self powered switches and sensors.


We strive to deliver innovative products and solutions to you.


Green and easy to use products for the Intelligent Building.


Reduce installation time & material use and maintenance free.


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Conventional electrical installation works in existing buildings for lightings, HVAC, shading, and presence detection have often been complex and expensive. Wiring or cabling including chiseling of wall create dust and dirt, noise, wastage of resources (environmentally un-friendly) and time consuming.

Conventional Wiring System   New Wiring System

Our self powered wireless sensors simplifies electrical installations, reduces the need for copper wires and pvc casing, stops the use of batteries, increases comfort and security, aid in reducing energy consumption and CO2- emission into the environment, and adds unparalleled flexibility at lowest investment and operational cost.

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These innovative maintenance-free wireless sensors and switches based on the EnOcean Standard are used in the field of temperature, relative humidity, pressure, air quality, lightings and blinds.

Since 2002, more than 100,000 buildings worldwide have used the EnOcean enabled products made by 70 manufacturers in the world. The wireless sensors can be combined with devices of other EnOcean manufacturers without any problems because of the fixed data frame according to the EnOcean Standard, ensuring interoperability!

Moreover, receivers are readily available with LON, EIB, KNX, MODBUS or RS485 interface designed as gateways for integration with existing building management systems. No overhauling of existing building automation system required and through the integration, an even more superior control systems resulted!

Wireless switch (1) to control lightings (3) (5) and blinds (4).
Wireless temperature sensor (2) for minimal energy consumption and maximum comfort.
Wireless mini handheld (6) for scenario control.
Wireless window contact or handle (7) when opened cuts off air conditioning FCU (8).
Wireless motion sensor (9) adjust temperature (8) and turns off lights (3) (5) when not in use.
Wireless room controller (10) for decentralized management.
Wireless gateway (11) for interfacing with existing building management systems.








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